Tick, tick, tick

(Tulsa World, June 18, 2000)


In stunning departure from his ever-so-popular Elvis Cole mysteries,
Robert Crais  gives us a stand-alone chiller and thriller. The main
character is an Los Angeles Police Department bomb squad investigator
named Carol Starkey. Like Humpty Dumpty, she is trying in vain to put
her life back together after her stint as a bomb squad technician three
years ago. Her last day on that job ended with an explosion that "killed"
her as well as her partner and lover, David Boudreaux. The only difference
being, that the paramedics could revive her, bring her back to a disfigured,
dysfunctional and lonely life. Three things fuel her life these days: gin,
Tagamet and her intense desire to be back as LAPD's finest bomb squad

The death of another bomb technician was thought to be an accident until
pieces of a radio-controlled device were found. Meaning that Charlie Riggio
was  murdered by someone not 100 yards from the point of detonation. What
is worse, is when the feds discover the fragments with Starkey's name on it --
and don't tell her. That means that Carol has been chosen by Mr. Red, the
infamous bomber  for hire and bomb technician hitman. Carol is in for the
fight of her life, personally, professionally and literally. "Demolition Angel"
is an intense, in-your-face page turner.

   On a scale of 1 to 5, this is a 4 1/2.

(Note: this is an excerpt from a longer article.)

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