Starkey is trigger in explosive mystery

"Demolition Angel," by Robert  Crais  (Doubleday)
(Knoxville News-Sentinel, July 4, 2000)

Robert  Crais,  creator of the Elvis Cole mystery series, introduces an
engaging new female character in "Demolition Angel." Carol Starkey,
an Los Angeles Police Department bomb squad technician who nearly
died in an explosion three years earlier that killed her partner, has been
transferred to the police department's criminal conspiracy section. Bitter
with the transfer, devouring aspirins for breakfast, sneaking gin at lunch
and smoking three packs of cigarettes a day, Carol becomes the central
character in this fast-paced explosive thriller. This suspense novel includes
high-tech forensic know-how, a world of explosives and pursuits on the
Internet through a secret mad bomber's site as Carol and her colleagues
attempt to locate this serial bomber.

If you haven't discovered Robert  Crais,  this well-written page turner is a
good introduction.

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